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Deebah Shah Brutally Murdered



EDITOR'S NOTE: This news item has been received from INRFVVP Member Khalid Rahman, senior journalist in Karachi, Pakistan. At you can usually buy articles cheap and even ask for editing the finished project later (without additional fee). INRFVVP wishes to launch an intense campaign of writing letters to the military-run government of Pakistan to protest against every case of "honor-killing" and other forms of violence against girls and women in Pakistan about which we get information. This will keep this serious issue in the forefront and put pressure on the rulers to take preventive pressures as well as to ensure that perpetrators of violence are punished to the fullest extent of the law.. If any INRFVVP Members or Friends would like to volunteer to participate in this task please let us know. Your help is needed and will be greatly appreciated.

Sun, 07 Nov 1999 11:51:57 +0500

                                            Another "honour killing"

Girl falls victim to "honour killing" 

A teenage girl fell victim to the barbaric tribal custom of "honour killing", this time in Karachi, Pakistan's largest town and port city. Deeba Shah, 15, resident of Z-260-A, Chanesar Goth, Karachi, got married with his neighbour, Urs Khaskheli, a week back. On Thursday last, Deeba's family received a legal notice to allow her to go with her husband. The family asked Deeba if it was true. On her affirmation, the family held a night-long meeting and, finally, decided to kill her.  Her mother's brother Sikandar Ali Shah allegedly shot her dead Friday morning.  Earlier, Urs Khaskheli had submitted an application to the police officer in charge of the Mehmoodabad police station that Deeba's family might hurt her but the police did not take any action. In his application, he had mentioned her age as 19. He had expressed apprehension that his wife could be murdered. It is said that the girl belonged to a Syed family while her husband was a Khaskheli whom the girl's family consider an inferior caste.  Police have taken the alleged murderer and his son into custody, and are investigating.