March 7, 2001 

"Honor" Killings (Karo Kari)

EDITORS NOTE: The following crime reports are derived from various
Pakistani news publications. INRFVVP thanks all those friends and
members from whom we received our clippings.  Though these crime reports
are quite revealing of the types of crimes and circumstances in which
these crimes happen, however the number of the reports are in no way
representative of the real number.  INRFVVP is of the stance that, in
fact, thousands of murders, and thousands more other violent crimes
against women in the name of ‘honor’ go unreported each year.

Four Killed Over Karo-Kari, Dawn, October 22, 2000 Larkana: Four people
were killed on the pretext of Karo-Kari in Larkana and Sukkur on
Saturday. A group of Mughiri tribesmen were shot and wounded Munwar
Mughriri near the Pakho town on the suspicion that his brother had
married a women, who had been already declared kari. When the injured
was admitted to the Chandka Medical College Hospital where he died.
Later, another group of the tribe killed Umed Ali Mughiri. The Kambar
police have picked up Mohib Ali, Jummo, Shafqat and Hamayoon for
interrogation. Our correspondant from Sukkur adds: A woman and  a young
girl were killed over karo-kari here on Saturday. Munawwar Ali, resident
of Kandhar, allegedly strangled his wife, Tamanna, suspecting that she
had been maintaining illicit relations with a man of the area. A 16-year
old girl, daughter of Dhani Bukhsh, was shot dead by armed men in

Two Women Killed Over Marriage Dispute, Dawn, October 22, 2000, Sukkur:
Armed men gunned down two women over a matrimonial dispute in the Mehran colony of the Nawabshah district late Saturday night. Salma, aged 30, wife of Abid Gopang, and a 40-year old widow, Hoor Begum, were returning home after attending a marriage ceremony when the assailants fired
indiscriminately, killing the women on the spot, and fled the scene.
Hoor Begum’s relatives were said to have been displeased with her after
she had married her daughter to a person from another community. Police
have arrested her brother, Asghar Ali Gopang, for being allegedly
involved in the killings, and are conducting raids to arrest other

Man, Woman Killed Over Karo-Kari, Dawn, 10/24/00, Larkana: Two persons
were killed on Tuesday in the Abdul Khalique Golo village near Usta
Mohammad on the pretext of karo-kari. Niaz Ahmed shot his wife, Naz
Khatoon, and another person, Wishal, to death and gave the killings a
color of honor killing. Ahmed was later arrested with the gun used in
the crime.

Woman Shot Dead on the Pretext of Karo Kari, Dawn,10/31/00, Dadu: A
woman, Naseeba Khoso, 30, was shot dead by her husban, Bux Khoso, on the pretext of Karo Kari in the Saraj Shah Nawaz village, 35 kms from here,
on Tuesday. Bux suspected that his wife had developed illicit relations
with a man of the same village. The Seeta police have registered a case
against Bux Khoso and are investigating

Four Killed Over Karo-Kari, Dawn, 11/9/00, Sukkur: Two men and two women
were killed on the pretext of karo-kari here on Wednesday night. Azad
Jakhrani, with his companions, shot and killed his wife Bhele Dino, and
Saifuddin in the Rehmar Jakhrani village near Bukhshapur. The woman’s
parents married her to Saifuddin after Azad had allegedly expelled her
from his home on the pretext of karo-kari. The assailants were said to
have escaped towards Balochistan. The Bukshapur police have registered
an FIR against the assailants. Meanwhile armed men killed a man and a
woman and dumped their bodies in the Indus River in Kandhkot. Soomar,
Fakir, Bhoro, Mohammad Ali, Mauj Ali and Shahid Bhutto allegedly shot a
cattle dealer, Shahdad Bhutto to death, They also killed a woman while
she was asleep on the suspicion that she had been maintaining illicit
relations with Bhutto. The assailants are at large.

Man Bludgeons Wife to Death, Dawn, 11/9/00, Karachi: A woman and man
were killed in the city on Thursday. Ghulam Ali bludgeoned his wife
Bushra, aged 40, to death in his Agra Taj Colony house on suspicion of
infidelity. The couple hailed from Sargodha and lived in Nawabshah for a 
number of years. They had moved to Karachi a couple of days ago and
stayed in Agra Taj Colony. On Thursday, Ghulam Ali had an argument with
his wife and he hit her on the head with a hard and blunt object. She
died on the spot. Ghulam Ali later surrendered at Kalri police station.
He told the police that he suspected  his wife of infidelity that often
led to arguments. It was second marriage of both Ghulam Ali and Bushra.
A young man died after he was hit by a bullet when the gun of a security 
guard at a factory in Balidia Town went off. Akhtar Shali, security
guard, was on duty at a tissue paper factory in Balidia Town when the
gun he was holding went off  abruptly. A bullet hit Mohammed Saeed, aged
22, a laborer working in the factory. He died on the spot. Police
arrested Akhtar and registered a case against him for unintentional

GANGRAPE: Six men kidnapped a 40-year old woman in Buffer Zone and freed her after assaulting her criminally. The victim is wife of a laborer and
resident of Khuda Bux Both, Buffer Zone. Sex men riding on a Suzuki
pickup, kidnapped here near Andha Mor in Buffer Zone. They took her to a
nearby vacant house where they raped her. Later, they dropped her at the
place where she was kidnapped. The Buffer Zone police said they had
received a complaint of a woman and would register the case after they
had received the medicolegal examination report.

Three Killed Over Karo-Kari, Dawn, 12/5/00, Sukkur: Three persons,
including a woman, were killed on the pretext of karo-kari in Mirpur
Mathelo and in Jacobabad on Tuesday. Saindad Bozdar killed his wife,
Robina Bozdar, and Ghulam Mustafa Bozdar, a school teacher, in the Mahar
Bozdar village in Mirpur Mathelo, on Tuesday. Mustafa Bozdar was
teaching the students in a local primary school when Saindad entered
into the classroom and killed him in the presence of children. Saindad
Bozdar later went to his agriculture fields where his wife, Rubina, was
working. He shot her dead and surrendered himself to the police. The
police have registered a case. Meanwhile, Abdul Rasool Umrani killed his
wife, Azizan, and injured a guest, Ali Hasan Umrani, on the pretext of
karo-kari. Hasan Umrani was admitted to a local hospital where his
condition was stated to be critical. The Mouladad police have registered
a case. Abdul Rasool managed to escape.

Three Gunned Down Over Karo-Kari, Dawn, 12/10/00, Shikarpur: Badal
Marfani killed his wife, Pari, and his cousin, Ghulam Abbas, on the
pretext of karo-kari in the Marfani village near Jagan on Saturday
night. Pari was 19 and Abbas was 21 years of age. Marfani surrendered
himself before the Humayoon police with a gun used in the crime. Our
Sukkur correspondent adds: Mohommad Qabil Samejo, a resident of the Haji
Sacho village, strangled his wife on the charge of karo-kari. The police
said the killer allegedly saw his wife, Jiajan, in an objectionable
condition with Punwal Samejo. He strangled his wife to death and fled.
The police registered an FIR on the complaint of his father-in-law and
are searching for him.

Three Women, Man Killed over Karo-Kari, Dawn, 2/4/01, Larkana:  Three
Women and a man were killed in the name of karo-kari in Larkana and
Sukkur on Sunday. Armed men shot Ghulam Abbas Chandio, aged 22, to death while he was returning home from his fields in the Peerjaj village of
the Warah town, some 40km from here. The assailants also killed 20 year
old Saleemat Chandio in her house and fled the scene. Manthar Chandio,
the brother of the deceased , lodged a case with the Warah police
against Imdad, Ogan, Haji Nangar and Khakan (all Chandio by the caste).
No accused was arrested till the filing of this report. The bodies of
the dead were handed over to their relatives after post-mortem
examinations. Riaz Kalhoro allegedly killed his wife, Rani, over
karo-kari and fled the town. Our Sukkur correspondent adds: Dhani Bukhsh
Katoher shot and killed his sister-in-law, Sabai, wife of Rnago Katoher,
on the suspicion that she was maintaining illicit relations with a man
in a village here on Sunday. The assailant fled the area.

Man, Woman Gunned Sown Over Karo-Kari, Dawn, 2/17/01, Sukkur: A man and  a woman were gunned down in Sultankot, near Shikarpur, over karo-kari on Friday morning. Police registered a case against Rahim Bux, Bhooro and
others under Section 302 and refused to register FIR under the pretext
of karo-kari on the orders of the SSP Shikarpur, Sanaullah Abbasi.
According to police Ms. Rehmal Marfani and her alleged paramour, Qurgban
Marfani, were gunned down when they were allegedly sitting near
agriculture field and the killers fled after the murder. Koro, the
husband of Rehmal Marfani, told the police that his brothers Rahim and
Bhooro were involved in the murder. DEAD BODY: Hundreds of villagers
blocked the Indus Highway near Bolan Petrol Pump in Jocobabad district
after putting the dead body of Mehboob Ali Talani, son of Gulab Khan
Talani, in the middle of the road. His body was found on the road side.
The villagers demanded that police arrest the culprits allegedly
involved in his killing. They burnt tires and pelted stones on the
traffic. Later on receiving an assurance that the culprits will be
arrested within 48 hours the protesters dispersed and buried the dead
body in the local graveyard. According to details Mehboob Ali Talani has
been missing from his home for the last three days and his father Gulab
Khan informed the police about his missing, but according to him the
police had taken no notice of his kidnapping. On Thursday evening his
dead body was found near the village, with gun shot injuries visible on
his body.

Man Kills Two Over Karo-Kari, Dawn, 2/18/01, Sukkur: A man, Sadruddin,
shot to death his married sister, Majma Bhutto, and her alleged lover in
a village near Humayoon on the pretext of karo-kari on Sunday. Najma
Bhutto, wife of Dhani Bux, was sitting in her house when her younger
brother came and opened indiscriminate fire killing her on the spot.
Later, he went to the house of one Deedar Pohar, the allege paramour of
Najma, and shot him dead. According to eyewitnesses, people of the area
spread rumors about his sister which enraged him and he killed her as
well as her supposed lover. Police have registered a case under
section302 against Sadruddin. However, the police refused to register an
FIR under karo-kari as they have been prohibited from doing so and it
was registered under normal criminal laws.

Pregnant Woman, Man Shot Dead Over Karo-Kari, Dawn,  2/22/01, Larkana:
Muhammed Hassan Kalhoro of Aali Khabar village, near Wagan town, killed
his pregnant wife and a guest on the pretext of karo-kari, on Thursday.
The killer shot dead his wife Sajida who was seven months pregnant as
well as the guest Mukhtiar Mangi, a resident of Larkana. The assailant
later surrendered at the police station and confessed to have committed
the crime.

Man Guns Down Two Nieces, Dawn,  02/27/2001 
GUJRANWALA, Feb 26: A man gunned down on Monday his two young nieces over a marriage issue in Sadhoki. Farzana Bibi was present in her house when Nazir Ahmad came there and fired at her, killing her instantly.
Later, Nazir also shot and killed Shazia on the spot.
It is learnt that Muhammad Bashir, the brother of deceased Farzana, had
turned down a proposal from the son of the accused. The accused had
recently been released from the central jail after serving 14-year term
in a Hudood case.

Woman, 3 Others Killed in Separate Incidents, Dawn   02/28/2001
KARACHI, Feb 27: Four people, including a woman, were killed, on
Tuesday, at various places in the city. A man stabbed his wife to death
and shot her alleged lover to death at his Manghopir home , before
surrendering himself to the police.
Abdul Wudood told the police that he was an employee of Akbar Khan, 42,
a stone contractor near the Hub Dam, who forced him to work the night
shift. Abdul Wudood alleged that Akbar often visited his home during the
night, in his absence, and had developed illicit relations with his
wife, Iqbal Begum, 35, a mother of seven.
Abdul Wudood, who hails from the NWFP, said between the night of Monday
and Tuesday, when he was on duty, his two brothers, Pakhtoon and
Humayun, informed him about Akbar's presence at his home. He rushed
there and found Akbar Khan with his wife. He axed Iqbal Begum to death
and as Akbar tried to flee, shot him dead.

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